Ray Mirra : Biography – Also Known as Raymond Mirra Jr.

In June 1958 Ray Mirra was born to Raymond and Dolores Mirra in the working-class neighborhood of South Philadelphia, where Raymond Sr. worked as an electrician’s assistant. Determined to find an environment more suitable for raising three young children, the Mirra family moved shortly after Ray’s birth to the suburb of Blackwood, New Jersey, where Raymond Sr.secured a job in a plastics factory.

Ray proved to be industrious and resourceful at a young age, taking various jobs during high school to help his family. In fact, Ray’s first job was at his Uncle Ralph’s pharmacy-where he began sharpening his skills and industry knowledge that would later contribute to the success of his pharmacy venture.

After graduating high school in Blackwood, Ray declined offers to attend Temple and Rutgers University, opting instead to matriculate at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. However, Ray soon determined he preferred working in the pharmacy business rather than learning about it in the classroom, and consequently left pharmacy college in 1977 to begin working at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia as a pharmacy technician.

Working primarily in “infusion” or intravenous therapy, Ray’s ten years at Hahnemann laid the groundwork for success in his future ventures.

In addition to his work at Hahnemann, Ray began managing Pier 30, Philadelphia’s only indoor tennis club. Shortly after taking over Pier 30’s operations, Ray implemented hospital tennis leagues open to doctors and hospital employees. What initially began as a small network from Hahnemann rapidly expanded to other hospitals in Philadelphia and throughout the tri-state area.

In 1987, Ray left Hahnemann to start his first company, which primarily focused on the intravenous delivery of medication and attendant care. Among other reasons, Ray’s first company became profitable because he was able to successfully leverage his contacts from Pier 30 and Hahnemann to personally solicit accounts.

Since his first venture, Ray has successfully founded and developed several companies that provide specialty pharmacy services to patients with rare blood and neurological disorders. He is also involved in the development of new drugs and diagnostic tests such as: A culture to diagnose Lyme Disease and a genetic test for head and neck cancer in smokers.

Ray’s business pursuits extend beyond the medical services industry, as he is an investor in Philadelphia restaurants as well as the owner of a start-up company that deposits precious metal into leather.

Fortunately, Ray has not been reticent to share the fruits of his success with others. In addition to employing over 400 people, his philanthropic efforts are widely known in and around the Philadelphia area. In November 2011, for instance, Ray helped to raise over $200,000 at a fundraiser for West Catholic High School, a financially challenged institution on the verge of closing. The money raised through Ray’s actions paid for students’ tuitions and helped maintain existing facilities, ensuring West Catholic’s promising future.

During his fundraising efforts for West Catholic, Ray became friendly with West Catholic teacher and priest Michael Marrone. During their conversations, Fr. Marrone shared his vision for an inner-city Catholic institution focused on developing high school students who demonstrate the potential for academic and professional success but lack the resources to continue their education. Moved by Father Mike’s enthusiasm, Ray put the wheels in motion, securing classroom space, hiring a Head of Education, and compiling a Board of Directors featuring such notable Philadelphians as District Attorney R. Seth Williams., this endeavor became Ligouri Academy.

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